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I’ve known Thokozani Sibeko for a long time.  He contacted me to provide advice and support for moving his computer lab network to another room in his building.  This meant that there needed to be new networking cabling put in.  Networking is not part of our core business, however due to budgetary constraints, timing and the need for terminals(for which our company is responsible) to run on this infrastructure, I decided to provide Thokozani with an offer to do the job at a price he couldn’t refuse…he didn’t!

I’ve been training a very keen and bright Tshepo Mathobela on basic network wiring and install.

We started by choosing where we would put the networking cabinet.  Planning how the cabling would run from the cabinet and how far away from power etc is always a bit of a head scratch however experience in the field gives you some intuition to go on.  We ensured the cabinet was a convenient distance away from power an that the network cable will not run directly over any power sources.

filled cabinet
Cabinet with cable run

After securing the cabinet we started next on the trunking.  No glue! We ensured the trunking was put in flush to the wall, secured by tap screws and level using a builders level.  What provided a little bit of a challenge was part of the wall was curved.  Not an issue for our intrepid Thsepo.  He flush mounted the tubing by cutting small in size and ensuring the edging on both inside and outside was flush against each other.  Brought a tear to my eye it did!

Tshepo's magic
Tshepo’s magic

We chose to put in CAT5E equipment.  Wall boxes were mounted facing down – always the better way of doing this.  You can’t believe what gets in over time – can’t beat gravity!  The boxes were also secured by tap screws.

Wallbox with openings facing down
Wallbox with openings facing down

18 points took us about a day to do.  Before leaving we tested all points with our tester to ensure everything was working. Here’s Thokozani’s reaction:

Thumb's up!
Thumb’s up!

We are proud of our work.

Should you need to have some consultation done on networking, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line with the convenient form below:

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