Terminals and Office 365 for Education

More benefits for our client – Terminals and Education Pricing!

We recently implemented an updated solution at a training center for an 18 seat computer laboratory. We had to use existing infrastructure with terminals and ensure the customer’s budget was respected.

Cost savings on correct Microsoft Licensing and Terminal Setup

Most Educational Institutes, in our experience, are unaware of the benefits of using terminals vs traditional computers. Significant cost savings are also obtained from Microsoft Educational pricing.  This combination allows the organisation to obtain the benefits of running terminals with the added advantage of saving on licensing costs normally applied to such a design.  A business organisation would pay several times more for the same solution!

Multipoint Server Magic!

We licensed the client for the latest Microsoft Multipoint Server.  That is, Multipoint Server 2012 Premium, on Educational Microsoft Volume licensing. This afforded the trainer several advantages which come with Multipoint 2012:
Disk  Protection – when the server reboots, sessions go back to defaults . In a student environment, if USB sticks are allowed or the student downloads malware, all that needs to be done is reboot the server.  All issues are resolved as the server reverts back to defaults.
Control of Student Sessions – see what is happening on each students screen on a dashboard, project teacher or select student screen to every other student for teaching purposes, lock keyboard and mouse, restrict internet access, chat to one or several students at once and so much more.

We managed to get this done on hardware that was past support for latest system.  Multipoint Server 2012 with some creative fiddling on driver support allowed us have everything working as stable as can be.

Office 365 Education Terminals
Office 365 Pro Plus

The added benefit is that we licensed the school on Microsoft Office 365 Student Advantage – free Office Pro Plus software for Students. Educational institutes qualify for this if they are properly licensed on Educational Volume licensing – we made sure they are.  So Students can work on ANY terminal, log out, work on any terminal again and pick up where they left off in their Word document with the added benefit of doing the same at home!!! Students can load office on their home computers as well! Winner 🙂

At the end, the training institute saved a significant amount of money using existing infrastructure, using terminals to provide students with a computer session and using education licensing.  The school also provides the students with the latest legally licensed Microsoft Office, so that they can work from home.

Customer and students are happy.  And so are we!