Mthombothemba Technologies is a company focused on providing cost effective and reliable solutions to its clients.  As a result of this, Mthombothema’s focus is on cloud technologies, such as Microsoft’s stack of solutions – Office 365, Azure, CRM online and a Managed Services Tool. Unlike traditional IT companies which require presence onsite, most of our solutions allow us to support you anywhere in the world, securely and efficiently.  Thereby reducing costs to you, and allowing you to run from a platform with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime!



Sudhashen Naicker

Sudhashen brings the IT expertise to Mthombothemba Technologies.  He has about 21 years of experience in the IT field, 5 years of which with Office 365(since it came out!) and is very passionate about supporting small business on the platform.


Bheki Ndlovu

Bheki Ndlovu

Bheki has run many businesses and brings business acumen and experience to Mthombothemba Technologies. His expertise is in customer services, finance and governance.