Bullet proof network for business

logoA client was referred to me that needed their network sorted out.  They were connecting to a little WiFi modem that did not cover all their office space.  The network was slow and often ‘weird’ stuff would happen.  They finally had enough.


Given their requirements I recommended Ubiquiti’s Unifi Solution. It’s a really nifty solution and really rock solid.  Why?

It is enterprise grade – don’t get me started on the stuff you get from the computers stores you usually go to!

WiFi – It.Just.Works.  Period!  I monitored users carrying their laptops between floors of their building and handover to the next WiFi device was seamless.  Customer didn’t notice and nothing broke.

Locking down the network is much easier.  Configured guest network for visitors outside the company who are separated from the work network.  Bandwidth is also restricted and settings configured so that they don’t affect the work network adversely. The boardroom network connectors are on separate network as well so that presenters have access to internet but not the work network.

Here’s the Kicker! Unifi solution has a dashboard of all their components so that you can have a health view of the network.  When configured properly, this is hosted on the Unifi Platform which then gives me secure access to remotely monitor.  There’s even an App for my phone!


Customer called and said can’t get onto WiFi.  A quick check on my phone showed everyone else on as normal, it was just him that was having a problem. This kind of information is invaluable for troubleshooting and therefore saving time.

And to round it off.  The firewall component of this solution stack allows the client to have a general overview of what’s happening on their network over time.  A great deal of time is spent on the internet these days.  Some of which may not always be productive for the company.  It was found that the majority of data being consumed was via mobile phones connecting over WiFi.  This would affect network performance over time if not action-ed on.  An overview of where data is being consumed is also provided via the dashboard. So you can see if Youtube and Facebook consumption is prevalent or movies are being downloaded.



All in all, the customer has a solution which will provide them with the reliability and insights they need so that they can concentrate on running their business effectively.

I’m a fan!

Know of anyone who needs this kind of setup? Contact us for a bullet proof solution