It’s a new year – make sure you backed up the previous one!

I got a call on a referral for a laptop that was stolen over the Christmas period.  As you may have guessed, no backup was done!

Unfortunately, my new client did not backup his email and other sundry documents that had accumulated over a long period.  The extent of the loss only became apparent once we started setting up all programs again.  The loss went far beyond the inconvenience of just losing the laptop.

  1. Email over many years of business correspondence
  2. Business document templates and archived documents
  3. Browser links and history accumulated over many years of research

To prevent this happening again in future, I implemented a cloud backup solution which is monitored daily.  The first backup creates the main backup.  Thereafter only the changes are backed up.  This ensures very little bandwidth is used when backing up daily.

I get reports daily and if a backup failed too many times, I take action to ensure the next backup is successful.  Ransomware is getting increasingly sophisticated and prevalent now.  With this backup solution, my client can restore his files not affected by Ransomware.

To ensure he does not lose his browser history, passwords, bookmarks and settings again, I loaded the Chrome Browser and logged in to his Gmail account.  Chrome backs up all of this information automatically.  If he goes to another computer, all he does is login to Chrome there and gets all this information again!

What is important here, is that there are inexpensive methods and techniques that will allow you peace of mind in future.  Can you really afford to worry about your information getting lost?

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