Company Documents Disappear and are Lost Forever

lostDocuments Lost!

A client recently decided to upgrade all equipment to Windows 10.  In the process, all important data had to be backed up. Due to traditional and old practices, it was inevitable that some documents where lost in the process. Documents were kept in places other than “My Documents” and the external hard drive which was used to do backups, suddenly did not have all the documents it was faithfully backing up.  Does this sound familiar to you?

This could have been easily avoided.  These days it is very easy to get a cloud sync client.  A cloud sync client is a tool that allows you to keep your files where you like them, and also keeps a copy online as a backup. You can also access by any other device with internet access.  The players in this space are:

Sync Clients

  1. Dropbox
  2. Onedrive/Onedrive for Business
  3. Googledrive
  4. Box

Once the sync client of choice is loaded, it needs to to be configured to sync the folders you choose to sync to the cloud storage facility.  Most of the modern clients allow you to sync selective folders. This means that once you have backed up all your documents to the cloud storage facility, you can then selectively sync only certain folders.  This allows you to save on bandwidth costs and access documents you have archived when you need to.  Day to day documents can sync more regularly.

For those who are not office bound, most of the usual suspects also have phone and tablet sync clients as well.  This is convenient for those requiring to access documents on the go.  You can do a quick edit before sending to colleagues or clients.

Privacy and security of your data

Note, however, that the free clients come at a price.  Once uploaded to a free facility, those documents are not guaranteed to be in your sole possession.  Sometimes this is OK for the small businesses just starting out.  It beats having your documents disappearing due to a bad backup and only having restricted access.  However when you need to practice good corporate governance and comply with POPI, you need to have a professional service such as Office 365 by Microsoft.  The others also have a professional secure service for file storage and access, however we have found that the package offered by Microsoft provides best of breed tools for all your needs. It is what you are familiar with.

Here is a video on how document management and sync works.  Please maximize the youtube video to full screen for clarity.

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