Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows10Should you take advantage of the Windows 1o free upgrade?

I have been using Windows 10 since developer build from about 2 years back. It’s an occupational hazard to test things on the cutting edge, however I owe it to my profession and my customers. Plus I’m a geek at heart 🙂

If you don’t already know, the free upgrade is expiring at the end of this month – just a few days left! So…to answer the question. Yes you should.


Here are the reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 1o:

    *It’s free!
    *It’s stable, faster and smoother than previous versions of Windows.
    *It’s more like Windows 7 in look and feel – very little resemblance to the much maligned Windows 8.

I’ve given you 3 simple reasons to upgrade without getting into geek speak. There is another reason which I would like to touch on.  Over the past few years, Microsoft has changed radically in vision and purpose.  It appears that they have become aware that if they don’t innovate fast enough, they could go the way of Blackberry…..That’s actually not as far fetched as you may think.

So new products releases and the length of time between updates has radically decreased in release cycles.  This strategy is here to stay.  This is why Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to get you to upgrade for free.  Their ability to provide new features and better services is indelibly tied to the platform you are using.  Essentially they can’t innovate as they would like if you stay on their older systems.

I must say some of the new features are actually quite useful,Windows10

Cortana being one such innovation.

Microsoft is here to stay.  Until such time that proper internet access is fairly ubiquitous across the world, it will remain so.  So if you want to squeeze the most out of your investment(license fees which is included in new equipment), it makes sense to get the most of what Microsoft has to offer.

Now there is the other school of people beating war drums and crying foul.  They do have some valid points.  It is my opinion that until another viable alternative is provided for Small Business Users, it really does not pay for you to rail against the system.  Your IT systems should work with the least possible fuss while you go about running your business.

So.  Upgrade to Windows 10 before its too late!

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