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company information secureCompany Information.

What happens when you need access to company information across the company? Read an amusing and thought provoking article on one of my favorite technology sites. An administrator posted a situation where he was asked to provide password’s to everyone’s computers by the boss of the company.

Have a read on the contributions. Quite enlightening! In my experience though, this method of gaining access is not the most practical. There is a better way…

In my opinion, what is actually required would be the communication information that the company receives, generates and sends out. Typically this will be email and documents. Maybe chat as well, if the company is using this to communicate with suppliers and clients.

There is one platform which provides a unified way to audit and secure communication – Office 365!

When setup correctly, all communication are audited and kept on hold for future reference.  You even have the ability to prevent certain information from leaving the company via email and documents.  And all of this can be securely accessed at your very own computer.

Company Information SecurePractical cases:

  1. Employee is on leave and the team needs access to email for that time.
  2. Company/department announcements via email not meant for outside communication can be restricted to company/department – no forwarding, copying or printing of the email message – you can even time bomb the message!
  3. Documents needed to be secured – Management, HR, Finance sensitive documents.

The list goes on.

The electronic communications act of South Africa states that electronic communication including emails can be presented in court as legal communication.  It therefore makes sense to have some form of governance on company information generated by company employees via email, documents and chat.

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