Free Office365 for NPO’s


Did you know that Office 365 for NPO’s is free? As in Mahala, Zip, Nada! Just like Google Apps is free, Microsoft came on board to provide non profits the ability to have their email and documents hosted on Office 365.  See here:

What you get for free:

All of Office 365 online benefits(Up to 300 users):

Microsoft Exchange

Email platform which connects to all the features of your Outlook program.  This means email which does not run out of space, is protected from malware and viri, can be archived online and can be accessed than more than one person. Everyone in the organisation can do proper calendar sharing and scheduling.  Microsoft has also come out with free programs for your Apple and Android phones which mimic Outlook.  So you can see Email and Calendar(s) on the move and when you get back to the office, your Outlook reflects what you read and sent on your phones!

Microsoft Sharepoint and Onedrive

This is the de facto standard for Document backup and collaboration. Backup your documents on this platform.  Securely share these documents with who you need to and ensure that the format of the document remains true. Even with the free Word and Excel applications on your phones and tablets.

This really saves you time and money for a free product.  All you need to do is apply for this benefit – we can assist you with this!

Now you may ask if there are any gotcha’s here.

This is what you need to know:

In order to get yourself onto this platform, you need your domain to be configured to point to the Microsoft servers. Your old email and documents will need to be transferred to the new platform.  Your Office package will need to be configured to point to the new email server and documents automatically saved online.  There will also be a need for some hand holding in the beginning to get used to the system and start using the benefits as they should be.  As part of our efforts as good citizens, we would be willing to put in some hours for free.  So give us a call! We are here to help and be part of your mission to provide assistance.



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