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You know it. You spend so much of time on your computer doing something you have been doing the same way since you first switched it on. Its the way its been done and will be done forever more. Then, purely by chance, you have a talk with your friendly IT guy about something that has always frustrated you about the process. He utters the words “but that’s easy!”, comes round the table to your computer, fingers dance on the keyboard and a few mouse clicks – DONE! 2 hours of slogging reduced to a few minutes.  You don’t know whether to kiss him or……

There are countless tales of this in the field. Why does it have to be this way? Computer folk generally aren’t the type to stay around to chat though – there is a deep culture of putting out fires. So, we don’t do ourselves any favors.  A service provider with the right attitude and attention to customer service, however, will make the time for you.  It’s the way that support is provided which counts.

Making Time

As IT providers, its important that we provide a service which moves away from ‘break-fix’ – that is, only when things break, do we respond.  Times are changing.  There are tools which allow us to monitor your environment just like the system that monitors your engine in your car.  This means we can resolve issues before they get serious.  We can automate many processes.  This leaves more time for planning and sitting down with users and listening to issues.  It is an important shift in the way IT support is provided.


When your systems are working for you instead of against you, you are saving time, increasing productivity and increasing revenue.  Music to any business owner’s ears!  So do yourself a favor – invite your IT guy or gal to a cup of coffee and donuts(yes we are that easy!) and chat about that excel sheet that needs to have some magic done.  Its worth the time!

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