Your computers – blessing or curse(s)?

computersYour computers – blessing or curse(s)?!

So do you have a healthy regard for your computers or are you like this nice lady in the picture? hmmm?

Read a joke recently about how electronics were meant to save you time.  Haha! It just seems email and document generation takes up all your time.  Lets not get started on social media!

However take away your means to do these things and watch what happens – I suspect the picture would be a tame representation!

Surely there can be a middle ground.  As with any tool, the use of your computer systems is dependent on how it is maintained, the policies provided on its use and how it is regarded in a company.  When IT is regarded as a strategic tool, a lot more efficiency, cost savings and mental good health can be achieved.

Saving Time!

I remember my first foray in Computers and what got me started along this path.  My brother, bless him,computers got me involved in the family business in the school holidays.  I had to do the wages for a local factory which had about 400 employees.  It was a painful, manual process of paperwork.  On the third day into this, I was ready to pull my hair out.  Necessity is the mother of invention they say – believe it!  I was fiddling with excel on my brother’s computer and got the idea that the wage calculations could at least be done on a sheet.  The next challenge was working out the coinage for each employee.  This took me some time to figure out.  Managed to do this via Macro’s and it wasn’t pretty but got the job done well enough.  From 3 days to 3 hours!!! I was a HERO!  And I maintained good mental health as a result!

I have always believed that IT systems are more of a blessing than a curse.  This approach has provided direction on what solutions to recommend to client’s including how they should be maintained and supported.  Your systems should run reliably, provide you with time saving and productivity mechanisms and therefore give you a leg up over your competition. For real!

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