Document Management in Office 365

Document Generation
Document Generation

Electronic Document Generation is standard in any business now.

Documents such as letters to suppliers, quotations, budgets on excel spreadsheets and presentations on PowerPoint for the sales person.  Traditionally, a document is emailed back and forth when worked upon.  If you have a formal IT service, you may have a server in which you store documents in folders. These are shared with relevant team members.  Nowadays, it is convenient to use a service such as Dropbox to backup and share documents with staff and external contacts.

Most companies require:

  1. a reliable and secure means of backing up their documents.
  2. having a simple way of searching for relevant documents. This includes content contained in the document.
  3. document organisation that makes more sense than using traditional folder structure.
  4. security and protection of company sensitive documents.  (NOT Dropbox!)

Traditional means of working with documents wastes valuable company time. There is a cost effective solution!

Office 365 by Microsoft allows you to address all the requirements above at a reasonable price.  There a many additional features which contribute towards better teamwork and collaborative environment.


Delve Teamwork Collaboration Documentation
Teamwork and Collaboration

This utility allows everyone on the Office 365 platform to truly collaborate with each other. You can keep in touch with any document generation in your company.  Permissions are strictly enforced – only documents which are accessible can be viewed.


Similar in function to Microsoft Projects, Planner is a simplified version of a project management tool – think about several people working on a project requiring common documentation, tasks, calendaring and common email.

In terms of productivity and teamwork, the Office 365 stack is a great tool to use in your organisation.  Try out Office 365 for your organisation – contact us below and we will get back to you to set up an appointment to demonstrate features and listen to your requirements.  Look forward to hearing from you!

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